About SQUADette

WHO: Hey there! I’m MIRA, head SQUADette. I have a multi-faceted history and professionally I’ve had multiple re-incarnations. I am currently in internet marketing (5+ years) and I want to teach you how to make the internet work for you. On a personal level, I am wading into the life pool again, newly single after a ten+ year relationship, more on that later, but I am getting to know myself again and more importantly deciding on who I want to be. I think a lot of us go through similar things in life, and we don’t know it because no one talks about the ‘issues’. Allow me to open the dialogue and I really do hope you join in. If I’ve learned anything it’s that acknowledging & being aware of what’s going on internally is important to healing, growing and moving forward. So, welcome to my little corner of the web, I hope you grab a chair and stay a while…

WHAT: Improve all aspects of your life. Whether you want to just make some extra money, build a blog, get healthier, vent, improve your relationships or whatever it is…this is the place. We are doing it together. I want to be your best friend around the web <3.

WHERE: For now this site…podcast & youtube series coming soon.

WHY: I isolated myself for many many years and craved having my ‘girl squad’. Out of that yearning this place was born. I have a lot to teach, share and say. I hope I can improve your lives in the way I know you will enrich mine. There is something magical about a group of women supporting each other, listening to each other and being there for each other. So, welcome home SQUADette!